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Counselling Specialisations

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I have extensive experience offering Client-Centered Counselling to support adult clients working with the concerns listed below. Feel free to get in touch and we can decide together if I can support you appropriately with a mental/emotional concern that is not listed here. I'm happy to offer referrals to other professionals if we are not a good fit to work on your goals.

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Self-Connection & Growth

I believe that our relationship with the 'self' and how we see our 'selves' sets the tone for the relationships that we create with others. It is when we are able to form a deeply accepting and loving relationship with ourselves, that we can do the same with others. Our sense of Self mainly implies how we see ourselves as individuals, and understand our place in our world. Therapeutic goals would include:

  • Enhancing self-image and confidence

  • Affirming your sense of self-worth

  • Building healthy coping strategies

  • Strengthening boundaries and self-trust

  • Increasing capacity for decision-making and problem-solving

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Interpersonal Trauma

A traumatic experience is one that overwhelms our capacity to cope and function in our everyday lives. It may come from repeated experiences such as childhood abuse, neglect in various forms, intimate partner violence, or sexual abuse. It is important to note, however, that it is not the event itself that creates the trauma; rather, it is how wounded we are by the event/s and whether or not we had the support needed to recover. Therapeutic goals include: 

  • Restoring safety and establishing a safe, secure therapeutic relationship

  • Navigating emotional and behavioural trauma responses 

  • Reduce guilt, shame, self-disgust and misplaced responsibility with the traumatic events

  • Creating safe spaces for expressing all emotions

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Spiritual Counseling

Simply put, Spiritual Counselling can be understood as the practice of using your spiritual beliefs to explore areas of conflict or dissatisfaction in your life. Spiritual Counselling focuses on the supportive role that your relationship with a higher power or a being plays in your life. We do not have to share the same spiritual beliefs in order for us to harness the resources that faith has to offer. It is also my ethical obligation to not attempt to force any spiritual beliefs on you that do not align with your personal goals for Counselling. Some goals include:

  • Restoring a sense of belonging with a higher power

  • Reconnecting with the spiritual self

  • Highlighting faith as an important coping and meaning-making framework

  • Recovering from crises of faith, loss of meaning/purpose, and joylessness

  • Fostering hope in times of distress

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