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Spiritual Counselling

Simply put, Spiritual Counselling can be understood as the practice of using your spiritual beliefs to explore areas of conflict or dissatisfaction in your life. Regardless of your religious beliefs or alignments, Spiritual Counselling focuses on the supportive role that your relationship with a higher power or a being plays in your life. 

Spirituality is not limited to a specific individual or set of beliefs. It is rather the practice of creating and nurturing a bond with something larger outside of you. This could imply your relationship with nature, an inner essence/energy/soul, or even a broader sense of interconnectedness with humanity.

You do not need to be religious or spiritual to benefit from this modality of Counselling. It is also my ethical obligation to not attempt to force any spiritual beliefs on you that do not align with your personal goals for Counselling. In our sessions, we will work with your beliefs and goals, and focus on exercises that would allow you to foster that connection for your psychological benefit.

Spirituality can support your counselling goals by:

  • Restoring sense of belonging with a higher power/universe

  • Reconnecting with the spiritual self

  • Highlighting faith as an important coping and meaning-making framework

  • Recovering psychological wellbeing by using your spiritual beliefs

  • Fostering hope in times of distress

  • Creating room for empathy, compassion, and forgiveness

  • Cultivating a sense of balance and harmony

Please note: If you do not have any religious or spiritual leanings, or simply do not want them to be a factor in your Counselling process, I am happy to use other modalities to support you in achieving your goals.

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