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Relationship With Self

One of my primary areas of expertise is discovering and strengthening your relationship with yourself. I believe that our relationships and how we see ourselves set the tone for the relationships that we create with others. It is when we are able to form a deeply accepting and loving relationship with ourself, that we can do the same with others. Our sense of Self mainly implies how we see ourselves as individuals, and understand our place in our world.

If you choose to address this area of concern with me, our sessions are likely to focus on exploring your strengths; understanding your context (social, cultural, familial, professional, identity, etc.) and its impact on how you think, feel, and behave. We would also identify the blocks that you are experiencing in your life currently, and bring more light to your strengths and inner-knowing. While many life circumstances are outside of our control, we would work on building the skill sets that you need to manage or change certain aspects of your life. We may also look at problematic thought and behaviour patterns, which are getting in the way of your goals and wishes, and would create strategies together that are likely to support you in modifying those thoughts and behaviours. For this purpose, I often use the frameworks of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapies.

Therapeutic goals we could work towards in this area:​

  • Reducing and reframing anixety responses

  • Managing depressive symptoms

  • Enhancing self-image and confidence

  • Affirming sense of self-worth

  • Building healthy coping strategies

  • Strengthening boundaries and self-trust

  • Increasing capctiy for decision-making and problem-solving

  • Encouraging personal growth and awareness

  • Creating safety for the inner child

  • Untangling irraltional thoughts

  • Supporting in accompllishment of goals despite procrastination & perfectionsim

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